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English translation of mai


The Italian word 'mai' is used to denote 'never' or 'not ever' in English. You can use it in sentences to express something that didn't happen in the past or won't happen in the future. Typically, it's used in negative sentences. For instance, 'Non sono mai stato in Italia' means 'I have never been to Italy'.

Example sentences using: mai

Non sono mai stato lì.

English translation of Non sono mai stato lì.

I have never been there.

This sentence uses 'mai' in a negative sentence to express a concept similar to the English 'never'. 'Non', the negative negation word, typically appears before the verb, and 'mai' appears after.

Non farlo mai.

English translation of Non farlo mai.

Never do that.

This phrase is a command not to do something, using 'mai' to denote 'never'. It stresses that the recommended action should never be taken under any circumstances.

Non smettere mai di sognare.

English translation of Non smettere mai di sognare.

Never stop dreaming.

This phrase is often used in an inspirational context. It uses 'mai' (never) together with the negative 'non' to command someone to keep dreaming under all circumstances.

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