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English translation of madre


In Italian, 'madre' is used similarly to the English word 'mother'. It is used both formally and informally, in various contexts, to refer to one's birth mother. For example, 'Mia madre' translates to 'My mother'.

Example sentences using: madre

Mia madre cucina la pizza.

English translation of Mia madre cucina la pizza.

My mother cooks pizza.

This sentence is an example of a simple active sentence, where 'mia madre' (my mother) is the subject doing the action of cooking pizza.

La casa di mia madre è grande.

English translation of La casa di mia madre è grande.

My mother's house is big.

This sentence introduces possessive pronouns with 'di mia madre' (of my mother), as a way of expressing something belongs to another person, similar to 's in English.

Madre natura è bellissima.

English translation of Madre natura è bellissima.

Mother nature is beautiful.

This sentence uses 'Madre natura' to refer to nature as if it's a person, which is a common figurative language device used in many languages known as personification.

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