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English translation of loro


The Italian word 'loro' is used to indicate possession for multiple persons. Similar to 'their' in English, it is used before the noun that is being possessed. For example, 'Il loro libro' would translate to 'Their book'.

Example sentences using: loro

Loro leggono un libro.

English translation of Loro leggono un libro.

They are reading a book.

In this sentence, 'Loro' is used as a subject pronoun that means 'they'. The verb 'leggono' is used in the present tense to indicate the action 'they' are doing at the moment, which is reading ('leggono' means 'they read'). 'Un libro' means 'a book' in English.

Il cane è il loro.

English translation of Il cane è il loro.

The dog is theirs.

In this sentence, 'Loro' is used as a possessive pronoun that means 'theirs'. So, 'Il cane è il loro' literally translates to 'The dog is theirs.' 'The dog' is 'Il cane' in English and 'is' is 'è' in Italian.

Loro cantano una canzone.

English translation of Loro cantano una canzone.

They sing a song.

In this sentence, 'Loro' is used as a subject pronoun meaning 'they'. 'Cantano' is the present tense form of the verb 'cantare', which means 'to sing'. 'Una canzone' translates to 'a song' in English. Thus, the whole sentence translates to 'They sing a song'.

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