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English translation of loro


The Italian word 'loro' is used as a third person plural pronoun, equivalent to the English 'they'. It can be used to refer to a group of individuals, and it typically follows the verb in a sentence.

Example sentences using: loro

Loro mangiano la pasta

English translation of Loro mangiano la pasta

They eat pasta

In this sentence, 'Loro' is used to refer to a group. It is the third person plural subject pronoun, equivalent to 'they' in English. The verb 'mangiano' is in the present tense, third person plural, to correspond to 'loro'.

Il libro è loro

English translation of Il libro è loro

The book is theirs

In this example, 'loro' is a possessive pronoun, similar to 'theirs' in English. It refers to something that belongs to them. The phrase 'Il libro è loro' means that the book belongs to them.

Ho dato i miei libri a loro

English translation of Ho dato i miei libri a loro

I gave my books to them

Here, 'loro' is used as a object pronoun, equivalent to 'them' in English. It is positioned after the preposition 'a' which means 'to', expressing the idea of giving something to someone.

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