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English translation of lavoro


In Italian, the word 'lavoro' is used to refer to one's occupation or job. It can be used in various contexts, such as 'Sto cercando un lavoro' which means 'I am looking for a job'. It can also refer to work in a general sense, like 'Devo andare al lavoro' which means 'I have to go to work'.

Example sentences using: lavoro

Sto cercando un nuovo lavoro.

English translation of Sto cercando un nuovo lavoro.

I am looking for a new job.

This Italian phrase demonstrates a use of 'lavoro' in the context of job-hunting, emphasizing the action of searching for employment.

Il lavoro rende liberi.

English translation of Il lavoro rende liberi.

Work makes you free.

This phrase in Italian illustrates the use of 'lavoro' to express a widely-held philosophical or cultural belief about the link between work and freedom. It promotes a sense of independence and liberty through work.

Trovo soddisfazione nel mio lavoro.

English translation of Trovo soddisfazione nel mio lavoro.

I find satisfaction in my job.

This sentence uses 'lavoro' to express a personal feeling about one's job, offering insight into the speaker's emotional response to their work.

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