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English translation of lavorare

to work

The Italian word 'lavorare' is used much like its English equivalent 'to work'. It refers generally to engaging in physical or mental activity in order to achieve a result or make a profit. It can be used in the context of a job, a project, or a task.

Example sentences using: lavorare

Devo lavorare domani.

English translation of Devo lavorare domani.

I have to work tomorrow.

This sentence is in the present tense, indicating an obligation or need in the near future. The verb 'devo' (I have) is combined with the infinitive form of the verb 'lavorare' (to work).

Sto cercando di lavorare di più.

English translation of Sto cercando di lavorare di più.

I am trying to work more.

Here 'sto cercando' (I am trying) is an example of the present continuous tense used in an attempt or effort context, followed by 'di lavorare' (to work), showing the intention to increase workload.

Vuoi lavorare con me?

English translation of Vuoi lavorare con me?

Do you want to work with me?

This is a question in the present tense, including the verb 'vuoi' (you want) and the preposition 'con' (with) before 'me' (me), demonstrating the invitation to work together.

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