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la finestra

English translation of la finestra

the window

In Italian, 'la finestra' translates to 'the window' in English. Just like in English, it can refer to a part of a building, vehicle, etc., that allows light to enter and people to see out; or in a metaphorical sense, it refers to a means of understanding or learning about something. It is a feminine noun and it's used with the definite article 'la'. For example, 'Posso aprire la finestra?' means 'Can I open the window?'

Example sentences using: la finestra

Posso aprire la finestra?

English translation of Posso aprire la finestra?

Can I open the window?

This question is something you might ask if you're in a room and it's warm, you're asking for permission to open the window. It demonstrates the Italian way of asking to perform an action on an object.

La finestra è aperta.

English translation of La finestra è aperta.

The window is open.

This sentence is a simple descriptive statement in present tense, telling about the state of the window. Use this type of structure to describe the state of things.

Chi ha rotto la finestra?

English translation of Chi ha rotto la finestra?

Who broke the window?

This is an interrogative sentence where you are asking about who caused an action. It demonstrates how to form questions about the unknown subject of an action.

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