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English translation of ingegnere


The Italian word 'ingegnere' equates to the English term 'engineer'. It is used in the same context as in English, whether referring to a profession in the field of physical sciences or to a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or public works.

Example sentences using: ingegnere

L'ingegnere sta disegnando il ponte

English translation of L'ingegnere sta disegnando il ponte

The engineer is designing the bridge

This sentence is used to express that an engineer is in the process of designing a bridge. It uses the present tense verb 'sta', which indicates an ongoing action.

Bisogno consultare un ingegnere

English translation of Bisogno consultare un ingegnere

Need to consult an engineer

In this example, the speaker expresses their need to consult an engineer. It could be said in a situation where there might be some technical issues or problems to solve.

Mio padre è un ingegnere

English translation of Mio padre è un ingegnere

My father is an engineer

This is a simple declarative sentence in which the speaker is stating that their father is an engineer. The verb 'è' is used here, which is the singular form of the verb 'to be' in Italian.

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