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English translation of infermiera


The word 'infermiera' is an Italian noun actually used to referr to a nurse, someone who cares for the sick or infirm, particularly in a hospital setting. Similar to English, the Italian word 'infermiera' changes based on the gender of the person it is referring to - 'infermiere' for male nurses, and 'infermiera' for female nurses.

Example sentences using: infermiera

L'infermiera sta curando il paziente.

English translation of L'infermiera sta curando il paziente.

The nurse is treating the patient.

In this sentence, 'L'infermiera' means 'The nurse', 'sta curando' which is a continuous form means 'is treating', and 'il paziente' means 'the patient'. In Italian, the noun usually comes before the verb, as in this example.

Infermiera, può aiutarmi?

English translation of Infermiera, può aiutarmi?

Nurse, can you help me?

This is an example of how to request help from a nurse in Italian. 'Può aiutarmi?' directly translates to 'Can you help me?' It exhibits the use of formal address in Italian, as 'può' is the formal version of 'you can'.

Ho bisogno di parlare con l'infermiera.

English translation of Ho bisogno di parlare con l'infermiera.

I need to talk to the nurse.

This phrase is used when one needs to have a conversation with a nurse. 'Ho bisogno di' translates to 'I need to', and 'parlare con' means 'talk to'. So the whole sentence translates to 'I need to talk to the nurse'.

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