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English translation of incontro


The Italian word 'incontro' is used to indicate a gathering or assembly of people for a specific purpose. It can be used in both a formal context, like a business meeting, and an informal context, like meeting a friend.

Example sentences using: incontro

Ho un incontro domani.

English translation of Ho un incontro domani.

I have a meeting tomorrow.

This sentence shows the use of 'incontro' in the context of a planned meeting or appointment. The word 'domani' means tomorrow implying this is a future event.

Spero che l'incontro vada bene.

English translation of Spero che l'incontro vada bene.

I hope the meeting goes well.

This example demonstrates the use of 'incontro' in expressing a wish or hope about the outcome of a meeting. 'Spero' means 'I hope' and 'vada bene' translates to 'goes well'.

Ci siamo conosciuti in un incontro casuale.

English translation of Ci siamo conosciuti in un incontro casuale.

We met at a random encounter.

In this sentence, 'incontro' is used to describe a chance or unexpected meeting, 'casuale' means random, and 'Ci siamo conosciuti' translates to 'we met'. This highlights the different ways 'incontro' can be used in a sentence.

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