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English translation of in


The Italian word 'in' translates to 'into' in English. It is most commonly used as a preposition to indicate movement or action resulting in a change of condition, position, or place. For instance, 'Sto andando in Italia' translates to 'I am going into Italy.' Yet, it's important to note that prepositions can be tricky as they do not always translate directly between languages, so context is key.

Example sentences using: in

Vivo in Italia

English translation of Vivo in Italia

I live in Italy

The word 'in' is used to express a state of being in a certain location, in this case, the speaker is in Italy.

Sono in ritardo

English translation of Sono in ritardo

I am late

Here, 'in' is used as part of a fixed expression 'in ritardo', which directly translates as 'in delay', but is used to mean 'late'.

Lavoro in banca

English translation of Lavoro in banca

I work in a bank

The word 'in' in this context is used to imply the place (a bank) where the speaker works.

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