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English translation of guarda


The Italian word 'guarda' can be used as a verb to instruct someone to look at something, it can also be used in a more formal way as 'to watch'. It is used in many contexts similar to how 'look' is used in English.

Example sentences using: guarda

Guarda il cielo stasera.

English translation of Guarda il cielo stasera.

Watch the sky tonight.

This phrase uses 'guarda' in a command form, informing someone to observe the sky during the evening.

Non guarda mai la televisione.

English translation of Non guarda mai la televisione.

He never watches television.

'Non guarda mai la televisione' is an example of using 'guarda' in present tense, indicating a routine or habitual activity that does not happen in this case.

Guarda chi arriva!

English translation of Guarda chi arriva!

Look who's coming!

Here, 'guarda' is used in an exclamatory way to draw attention to someone who is arriving.

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