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English translation of grado


The Italian word 'grado' is used in the same contexts as the English word 'degree'. It can refer to a unit of measurement for temperature or angles, the level of intensity of something, or a title conferred by a college or university. It is commonly used in academic, scientific, and casual settings.

Example sentences using: grado

Sono in grado di farlo.

English translation of Sono in grado di farlo.

I am able to do it.

This sentence is using 'grado' to express ability or capability. In this case, the speaker is indicating they have the ability or skill to perform a certain task.

È di primo grado.

English translation of È di primo grado.

It's first degree.

The word 'grado' in this context is often used to describe stages or levels of something. Here, it's referring to the level or scale of something, in this case, it might be used to describe the severity of something like a burn or a crime.

Il grado di difficoltà è molto alto.

English translation of Il grado di difficoltà è molto alto.

The level of difficulty is very high.

In this sentence, 'grado' is used to express level or degree of something. It emphasizes the intensity or extent of the given attribute, here it is referring to a high level of difficulty.

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