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English translation of girare


The Italian word 'girare' is commonly used as an equivalent to the English word 'turn'. It can be used in various contexts, for instance, 'girare a destra' means 'turn right'. However, 'girare' may have other meanings like 'to rotate' or 'to film' depending on the context.

Example sentences using: girare

Non girare l'angolo troppo velocemente.

English translation of Non girare l'angolo troppo velocemente.

Don't turn the corner too quickly.

This sentence is used when giving advice to someone perhaps driving or running not to turn around the corner too quickly as it could be dangerous.

Voglio girare il mondo.

English translation of Voglio girare il mondo.

I want to travel the world.

In this context, 'girare' means 'to tour' or 'to travel'. It can be used when someone wants to travel or go around a specific location. In this case, the location is the world.

Devi girare la manopola per aumentare il volume.

English translation of Devi girare la manopola per aumentare il volume.

You need to turn the knob to increase the volume.

This sentence demonstrates a different use for 'girare', which means to turn something around, physically. It's typically used when talking about turning or rotating an object or a part of it, like a knob.

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