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English translation of giornale


The word 'giornale' is the Italian term for 'newspaper'. It is used to refer to a printed or online publication that contains news, articles, and advertisements. The term is derived from the Latin word 'diurnalis', which means 'daily', reflecting the original purpose of newspapers to provide daily news updates.

Example sentences using: giornale

Leggo il giornale ogni mattina.

English translation of Leggo il giornale ogni mattina.

I read the newspaper every morning.

This sentence conveys a habitual routine in the present, expressed in the simple present tense of the verb 'read'.

Il giornale è sulla scrivania.

English translation of Il giornale è sulla scrivania.

The newspaper is on the desk.


Ho comprato il giornale.

English translation of Ho comprato il giornale.

I bought the newspaper.

This sentence is in the past tense, indicating that the action of buying a newspaper occurred in the past. 'Ho comprato' is an example of an Italian past tense called the passato prossimo.

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