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English translation of genitore


In Italian, the word 'genitore' is used to refer to a parent, just like in English. It can be used to refer to either a mother or a father, and is often used in contexts where it's important to refer to a person's parental status rather than their gender. For example, you might use it when talking about a child's parents, or when discussing family relationships in general.

Example sentences using: genitore

Mio genitore è molto gentile.

English translation of Mio genitore è molto gentile.

My parent is very kind.

This sentence is showcasing the word 'genitore' (parent) in a simple sentence, describing the parent as kind. The adjective 'gentile' (kind) is placed after the noun it describes, as is common in Italian.

Il genitore di Maria è alto.

English translation of Il genitore di Maria è alto.

Maria's parent is tall.

This example provides the usage of 'genitore' indicating relation. It highlights the concept of possessives in Italian, with 'di Maria' (of Maria) indicating that the parent belongs to Maria. The adjective 'alto' (tall) is used to describe the parent.

Essere un genitore è difficile.

English translation of Essere un genitore è difficile.

Being a parent is difficult.

Highlighting the complex nature of parenthood, this sentence uses 'genitore' in an existential context. The verb 'essere' (to be) here indicates the state of being a parent.

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