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English translation of frutta


The Italian word for fruit is 'frutta'. It follows the same usage as in English, referring to the mature ovary of a flowering plant, typically sweet or sour, and can be eaten raw or used in cooking.

Example sentences using: frutta

La frutta è dolce.

English translation of La frutta è dolce.

The fruit is sweet.

In this sentence, 'La frutta' is the subject referring to 'The fruit', 'è' is a verb which means 'is', and 'dolce' is an adjective which means 'sweet'.

Mi piace la frutta.

English translation of Mi piace la frutta.

I like fruit.

In this sentence, 'Mi piace' is a phrase which means 'I like', and 'la frutta' is a noun phrase that means 'the fruit'.

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