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English translation of forte


The Italian word 'forte' translates to 'strong' in English. It can be used in various contexts, much like the English adjective. For instance, it can describe physical strength (as in, a 'persona forte' meaning a 'strong person') or it can refer to strong flavors (e.g., 'un gusto forte' means 'a strong taste'). Note that when used before the noun in a sentence, it means 'loud' or 'hard', while if it's placed after the noun, it maintains the meaning of 'strong' or 'powerful'.

Example sentences using: forte

È molto forte in matematica.

English translation of È molto forte in matematica.

He is very strong in mathematics.

In this sentence, the word 'forte' is used in the context of proficiency or capability. The subject of the sentence is being described as being 'very strong' or highly skilled in the subject of mathematics.

Il vento è molto forte oggi.

English translation of Il vento è molto forte oggi.

The wind is very strong today.

In this instance, 'forte' describes the intensity of the wind. It indicates that the wind speed is high or powerful on this particular day.

Questo caffè è troppo forte per me.

English translation of Questo caffè è troppo forte per me.

This coffee is too strong for me.

Here, 'forte' is referring to the taste or intensity of the coffee. The speaker finds the coffee to be too 'strong', or intense in flavour, for their liking.

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