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fino a

English translation of fino a


The Italian word 'fino a' is used in the sense of 'until'. An example of its use could be 'Aspetterò fino a domani' which translates as 'I will wait until tomorrow'. It represents a point in time up to which an action will take place.

Example sentences using: fino a

Lavorerò fino a tarda notte

English translation of Lavorerò fino a tarda notte

I will work until late at night

The phrase 'fino a tarda notte' translates to 'until late at night', showing the duration of the action (working) stated in the sentence. In Italian, 'fino a' is used to express 'until' or 'up to' when referring to time or limits.

Correrò fino a quando non sarò stanco

English translation of Correrò fino a quando non sarò stanco

I will run until I am tired

The phrase 'fino a quando non sarò stanco' means 'until I am tired'. It signifies that the action (running) will continue to take place until a certain condition (tiredness) is met. Here, 'fino a' helps express the idea of continuation until a certain event.

Studierò fino a domani

English translation of Studierò fino a domani

I will study until tomorrow

The phrase 'fino a domani' translates to 'until tomorrow'. It denotes that the action (studying) will be ongoing until a stated time (tomorrow). This suggests 'fino a' is used to indicate a timeframe within which something will happen.

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