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English translation of film


The Italian word for 'movie' is 'film'. This word is masculine, so if you want to say 'the movie' you say 'il film'. For example, 'I love this movie' would translate to 'Amo questo film'. It's used in a similar way as it would be in English when talking about cinema.

Example sentences using: film

Mi piace questo film

English translation of Mi piace questo film

I like this movie

This is a common phrase in Italian used to express liking for a particular movie. 'Mi piace' means 'I like', 'questo' means 'this' and 'film' means 'movie' in English.

Quale film stai guardando?

English translation of Quale film stai guardando?

Which movie are you watching?

This phrase is typically used to inquire about the movie someone else is watching. 'Quale' means 'which', 'film' means 'movie', 'stai guardando' means 'are you watching' in English.

Il film era emozionante

English translation of Il film era emozionante

The movie was exciting

This sentence is used to describe a movie that was interesting or thrilling. 'Il' means 'the', 'film' means 'movie', 'era' means 'was', and 'emozionante' can be translated as 'exciting' in English.

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