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English translation of fare


The Italian word 'fare' is the equivalent of the English verb 'make'. It is used to indicate the action of creating, producing, or preparing something. The usage is broad and it also applies to expressions like fare colazione (make breakfast), fare una domanda (make a question), or fare una foto (take a photo).

Example sentences using: fare

Devo fare la spesa

English translation of Devo fare la spesa

I have to do the shopping

This sentence means the speaker needs to go shopping, often for groceries. In Italian, shopping as a concept is denoted by 'la spesa' and the verb 'fare' which translates to 'do' in English, is used with it.

Ho un sacco di lavoro da fare

English translation of Ho un sacco di lavoro da fare

I have a lot of work to do

This sentence can be used in a professional or academic context. 'Da fare' translates to 'to do' in English, and 'lavoro' means 'work'. It expresses that the speaker has many tasks that need completion.

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