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English translation of faccia


The Italian word 'faccia' translates to 'face' in English. It can be used in similar contexts as in English, such as referring to the front part of a person's head, or expressing different emotions. Similar to its usage in English, it can also be used figuratively in various expressions and idioms.

Example sentences using: faccia

Faccia una nuova domanda.

English translation of Faccia una nuova domanda.

Ask a new question.

This sentence is in the command form, thus 'Faccia' here indicates a formal request to someone to ask a new question. In English this can be translated as 'Ask a new question'.

La mia faccia è rossa.

English translation of La mia faccia è rossa.

My face is red.

In this case, 'faccia' is used in its most common form to mean 'face'. The phrase 'La mia faccia è rossa' is translated as 'My face is red' in English. It is a simple declarative sentence.

Non faccia rumore.

English translation of Non faccia rumore.

Do not make noise.

Similar to the first example, 'Non faccia rumore' is a formal request or command to someone not to make noise. The usage of 'faccia' here is in its command form.

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