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English translation of due


In Italian, the word 'due' is used to represent the number two. It is used in the same way as in English, to count or to indicate the quantity of something. For example, 'due mele' means 'two apples'.

Example sentences using: due

Ho due cani.

English translation of Ho due cani.

I have two dogs.

This sentence demonstrates the use of 'due' in a simple context, showing possession of a quantity of two of something, in this case, dogs.

Devo lavorare per due ore.

English translation of Devo lavorare per due ore.

I have to work for two hours.

This example showcases the use of 'due' in the context of duration of time. It is indicating a time span of two hours.

Due giorni fa, ho visto un film.

English translation of Due giorni fa, ho visto un film.

Two days ago, I saw a movie.

In this sentence, 'due' is used to indicate a period of time in the past. It is iterating that the event happened two days ago.

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