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English translation of domanda


The Italian word 'domanda' is used similar to how 'question' is used in English. It can be used to inquire about something or someone, to express doubt or uncertainty, or to ask a question in a test or quiz. For example, you could say 'Ho una domanda' which translates to 'I have a question'.

Example sentences using: domanda

Ho una domanda.

English translation of Ho una domanda.

I have a question.

This sentence is used when you want to inquire about something. The word 'domanda' in Italian means 'question'.

La domanda è difficile.

English translation of La domanda è difficile.

The question is difficult.

This sentence is used when you find a particular question or problem hard to answer or solve. In this context, 'domanda' refers to a challenging question.

La sua domanda è interessante.

English translation of La sua domanda è interessante.

Your question is interesting.

This phrase is used when you find someone else's question intriguing or thought-provoking. Here, 'domanda' refers to the question asked by another person.

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