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English translation of diverso


The Italian word 'diverso' translates to 'different' in English. It is used to express disparity or contrast between two or more items. Note that, just like in English, 'diverso' must agree in gender and number with the noun it modifies. Thus, the forms 'diversa', 'diversi' and 'diverse' are also common.

Example sentences using: diverso

Ogni persona è diversa.

English translation of Ogni persona è diversa.

Every person is different.

This sentence is using 'diversa' (a variation of 'diverso') to express the concept of individual uniqueness, suggesting that each person possesses their own unique characteristics.

Hanno gusti diversi in cucina.

English translation of Hanno gusti diversi in cucina.

They have different tastes in cooking.

In this example, 'diversi' describes the distinctive preferences or tastes that multiple people might have when it comes to cooking or food.

Questo è un punto di vista diverso.

English translation of Questo è un punto di vista diverso.

This is a different point of view.

This sentence uses 'diverso' to illustrate the idea of an alternative perspective, emphasizing that the viewpoint being referred to differs from the standard or previously mentioned perspectives.

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