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English translation of discutere


The Italian word 'discutere' translates to 'argue' in English. It is used in the same context where two or more parties are having a disagreement or a heated conversation. Like English, it can be used in both formal and informal situations. It can also stand for 'discuss' depending on the context. It is a regular verb, so it follows the regular conjugation rules in different tenses.

Example sentences using: discutere

Dobbiamo discutere di quel problema.

English translation of Dobbiamo discutere di quel problema.

We need to discuss that problem.

In this sentence, 'discutere' is used in the sense of talking over or debating about a specific problem. 'Dobbiamo' is a verb which means 'we must' or 'we need to', showing necessity. The preposition 'di' indicates the subject of the discussion, in this case 'quel problema' — that problem.

Mi piace discutere di libri.

English translation of Mi piace discutere di libri.

I like to discuss about books.

Here, the verb 'discutere' is used in the context of having a pleasant conversation or debate about a certain topic, which are 'libri' or books. 'Mi piace' is a phrase which translates to 'I like'. So, the speaker enjoys discussing about books.

Non voglio discutere con te.

English translation of Non voglio discutere con te.

I do not want to argue with you.

In this example, 'discutere' is used in a context where it means 'to argue'. 'Non voglio' means 'I do not want to', suggesting refusal or denial. 'Con te' means 'with you', indicating the person the speaker is referring to.

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