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English translation of difficile


The word 'difficile' is used in Italian to describe something that is challenging, hard to do, or complex. It is often used to express that something requires a lot of effort or skill to accomplish. For example, one might say 'Questo compito è difficile' to express that a task is difficult.

Example sentences using: difficile

È difficile imparare l'italiano.

English translation of È difficile imparare l'italiano.

It is difficult to learn Italian.

This is a simple declarative sentence stating an opinion about the difficulty level of learning Italian. The verb 'è' is a form of 'essere', which is the verb 'to be' in English. The infinitive verb 'imparare' means 'to learn'.

Non è difficile se provi abbastanza.

English translation of Non è difficile se provi abbastanza.

It's not difficult if you try hard enough.

In this sentence, the speaker suggests that sufficient effort can overcome difficulty. 'Non' is a negation, 'se' translates to 'if', and 'provi abbondantemente' means 'trying hard enough' or 'if you try hard enough'.

Cosa rende difficile questa operazione?

English translation of Cosa rende difficile questa operazione?

What makes this operation difficult?

This is a question sentence asking about the factors that contribute to the difficulty of a specific operation. 'Cosa' translates to 'what', 'rende' means 'makes', and 'operazione' is translated as 'operation'.

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