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English translation of difficile


The word 'difficile' is an adjective in Italian, similar to 'hard' in English. It is used to describe something that is not easy or simple, or requires a lot of effort to understand or achieve, such as a hard task or a hard concept to understand. Note that the exact context of use may vary.

Example sentences using: difficile

Questo compito è difficile.

English translation of Questo compito è difficile.

This task is difficult.

This sentence uses the word 'difficile' (difficult) to describe a task. In Italian, adjectives like 'difficile' typically follow the noun that they modify, which is 'compito' (task) in this context.

È difficile trovare un buon ristorante.

English translation of È difficile trovare un buon ristorante.

It's difficult to find a good restaurant.

In this sentence, 'difficile' is used with an infinitive verb, 'trovare' (to find). When an adjective like 'difficile' is followed by 'to + infinitive' in English, in Italian it is followed by the infinitive without 'to'.

Ciò che dice è difficile da capire.

English translation of Ciò che dice è difficile da capire.

What she says is difficult to understand.

This sentence demonstrates that 'difficile' can be used in relation to understanding something, in this case, 'ciò che dice' (what she says). The phrase 'difficile da' is equivalent to 'difficult to' in English.

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