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English translation of dietro


The Italian word 'dietro' is used to indicate something or someone is at the back of or to the rear of something else. It can also indicate being after or later in order or sequence, similar to how it is used in English.

Example sentences using: dietro

La palla è dietro il divano

English translation of La palla è dietro il divano

The ball is behind the sofa

In this case the word 'dietro' is used to express the positional relation of an object being behind another.

Arriviamo da dietro

English translation of Arriviamo da dietro

We are coming from behind

In this instance of use, 'dietro' is used to describe where something is coming from.

Lascia tutto dietro

English translation of Lascia tutto dietro

Leave everything behind

Here, 'dietro' is used in a more metaphorical sense to imply leaving things behind, both physically and emotionally.

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