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English translation of dentro


The Italian word 'dentro' is used in almost the same way 'within' is used in English. It can be used to indicate that something is contained or included within something else. It is also used to specify the distance or time period in which something happens. However, unlike in English, 'dentro' is not often used to indicate a limit or boundary.

Example sentences using: dentro

Il gatto è dentro la scatola.

English translation of Il gatto è dentro la scatola.

The cat is in the box.

This phrase is an example of a basic sentence in Italian, using the word 'dentro' to indicate location. The word 'dentro' translates to 'inside' or 'in' in English and is used to denote that something or someone is inside or within something.

Vai dentro casa.

English translation of Vai dentro casa.

Go inside the house.

This Italian phrase demonstrates the use of 'dentro' in a command sentence. The speaker is asking someone else to go inside the house. In Italian, the word order typically places 'dentro' (inside) before the noun it modifies, unlike English where 'inside' usually comes after the noun.

Ci sono molte mele dentro il cesto.

English translation of Ci sono molte mele dentro il cesto.

There are many apples in the basket.

Here, 'dentro' is used to express the position of the apples. As with the previous examples, 'dentro' comes before the noun it modifies. However, unlike the previous examples, the subject ('molte mele' or 'many apples') comes after the verb, demonstrating a different sentence structure in Italian.

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