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English translation of da


The Italian word 'da' is used in many of the same contexts as 'from' in English. It can denote an origin or starting point, both literally and metaphorically. However, 'da' can also be used in other circumstances where 'from' would not be used in English, such as indicating the agent in a passive construction or specifying a point in time onward. Proper usage depends on the context.

Example sentences using: da

Vengo da Roma.

English translation of Vengo da Roma.

I come from Rome.

In this sentence, 'da' is used to indicate the origin or the place someone comes from. This is a commonly used structure in Italian to express someone's hometown or birthplace.

Ho comprato un regalo da un amico.

English translation of Ho comprato un regalo da un amico.

I bought a gift from a friend.

In this example, 'da' is used to indicate the person from whom an object or service has been obtained. It is similar to the English preposition 'from' in this context.

Devo andare dal dentista.

English translation of Devo andare dal dentista.

I have to go to the dentist.

In this sentence, 'da' combined with the definite article 'il' creates 'dal', and it is used before the noun to express that you need to go to a specific person (like a doctor or a dentist). This is a very common way to refer to appointments in Italian.

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