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English translation of da


The word 'da' in Italian is used to express a period of time that has been ongoing since a certain point in the past. It is often used in conjunction with the present tense to express that something has been happening continuously from a certain point in time up until the present moment. For example, 'Lavoro in questa azienda da cinque anni' (I have been working in this company for five years).

Example sentences using: da

Io vengo da Roma

English translation of Io vengo da Roma

I come from Rome

The Italian phrase 'Io vengo da' means 'I come from' when translated directly into English. It is used to indicate the place where an individual is born, raised or currently residing.

Hai ricevuto un regalo da tua madre

English translation of Hai ricevuto un regalo da tua madre

You received a gift from your mother

In this context, 'da' is used to identify origin or source. When 'da' is combined with 'tua madre', it translates to 'from your mother', serving to indicate who gave the gift.

Questa pizza è da mangiare subito

English translation of Questa pizza è da mangiare subito

This pizza is to be eaten immediately

In this example, the phrase 'è da mangiare' translates directly into English as 'is to be eaten'. This is a kind of impersonal instruction where 'da' serves as a function to indicate that a task needs to be carried out, in this case, eating the pizza immediately.

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