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English translation of credere


The Italian word for 'believe' is 'credere.' It is a verb used when you accept that something is true or real. It can be used in a variety of sentences context. For example, 'Io credo in te' translates to 'I believe in you' in English. Note that 'credere' is a regular -ere verb so it follows the regular conjugation patterns of -ere verbs.

Example sentences using: credere

Io credo in te

English translation of Io credo in te

I believe in you

This phrase is often used to express trust and confidence in someone's abilities or character.

Non posso credere che sia vero

English translation of Non posso credere che sia vero

I can't believe it's true

This phrase is usually used to express surprise or disbelief at a piece of information or event.

Dovresti credere in te stesso

English translation of Dovresti credere in te stesso

You should believe in yourself

This phrase is generally used to encourage someone to have self-confidence and faith in their own abilities.

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