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English translation of con


The Italian word 'con' is used in the same way as 'with' in English. It is used to indicate the company of someone or something, means, or in a combination with other things. For instance, 'I am with you' translates as 'Sono con te'. Always remember, the use of 'con' may vary depending on the context of the sentence.

Example sentences using: con

Vado a scuola con mio fratello.

English translation of Vado a scuola con mio fratello.

I go to school with my brother.

In this sentence, 'con mio fratello' is used to signify the company of the speaker's brother while going to school. 'Con' in Italian means 'with' in English and is used to indicate someone's company or some sort of connection or association.

Preparo la pasta con il sugo.

English translation of Preparo la pasta con il sugo.

I prepare pasta with sauce.

In this example, 'con il sugo' describes the method used to prepare pasta. 'Con' is used to specify the other elements (in this case, sauce) that are combined or used together with another element (here, pasta).

I bambini giocano con il cane.

English translation of I bambini giocano con il cane.

The children play with the dog.

This phrase uses 'con il cane' to express the interaction between the children and the dog. The 'con' or 'with' denotes the involvement of the dog in the children's play activity.

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