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English translation of come


In Italian, the word 'come' is used to ask 'how' something is done or how it is. For example, 'Come fai a fare questo?' translates to 'How do you do this?'. It is important to note that 'come' is an adverb in this context and it is used to ask about the manner or method of doing something.

Example sentences using: come

Come stai?

English translation of Come stai?

How are you?

This is a commonly used Italian phrase to ask someone about their wellbeing. It directly translates to 'How are you?' in English.

Come va la giornata?

English translation of Come va la giornata?

How is your day going?

This is a typical way in Italian to ask about someone's day. The literal translation in English would be 'How is your day going?'.

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