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English translation of cliente


The Italian word 'cliente' is used to describe a person who purchases goods or services from a business. It can also refer to someone who uses services from a professional individual such as an attorney or consultant. Similar to English, it can be used in a variety of situations where a business transaction takes place.

Example sentences using: cliente

Il cliente ha pagato il conto.

English translation of Il cliente ha pagato il conto.

The customer has paid the bill.

In this sentence, 'cliente' refers to a customer in a generic context, possibly at a restaurant or a store. The phrase illustrates the use of 'cliente' in a past tense sentence.

Il cliente sempre ha ragione.

English translation of Il cliente sempre ha ragione.

The customer is always right.

This sentence highlights a common saying in business, emphasizing the importance of customer satisfaction, seeing 'cliente' as the key player in any business interaction.

Sto cercando un cliente.

English translation of Sto cercando un cliente.

I am looking for a customer.

In this context, 'cliente' could refer to a businessperson looking for a potential customer. This demonstrates the use of 'cliente' in the present continuous tense in a business context.

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