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English translation of cinema


In Italian, the word 'cinema' is identical to the English word 'cinema'. It is a masculine noun used to refer to a place where films are shown. It can also refer to the art of creating films.

Example sentences using: cinema

Stasera andiamo al cinema.

English translation of Stasera andiamo al cinema.

We are going to the cinema tonight.

In this example, the speaker announces an intention to visit the cinema in the evening. Italian adverbs for time such as 'stasera' (tonight) typically come at the beginning of the sentence.

Il cinema italiano è famoso in tutto il mondo.

English translation of Il cinema italiano è famoso in tutto il mondo.

Italian cinema is famous all over the world.

This phrase states the global fame of Italian cinema. The term 'in tutto il mondo' is equivalent to the English expression 'all over the world'.

Amo il cinema d'essai.

English translation of Amo il cinema d'essai.

I love arthouse cinema.

This sentence expresses a love for more experimental or non-mainstream films, referred to in Italian as 'cinema d'essai'. Note the use of 'amo', which is the 1st person singular form of the verb 'amare', meaning 'to love'.

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