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English translation of cibo


The word 'cibo' is used in Italian as a noun referring to anything consumed to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc. It is used similarly to how we use 'food' in English. For example, 'Mi piace il cibo italiano' means 'I like Italian food'.

Example sentences using: cibo

Adoro il cibo italiano.

English translation of Adoro il cibo italiano.

I love Italian food.

This sentence expresses someone's love for Italian cuisine. It uses the Italian word for food, 'cibo'.

Il cibo è pronto.

English translation of Il cibo è pronto.

The food is ready.

This phrase announces that the food, 'cibo' in Italian, is ready. It's often used by an individual who prepared a meal to let others know it's time to eat.

Ho bisogno di più cibo.

English translation of Ho bisogno di più cibo.

I need more food.

In this sentence, someone is stating their need for additional food. The term for food in Italian is 'cibo'.

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