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English translation of chiaramente


The word 'chiaramente' is used in Italian to express the same meaning as 'clearly' in English. It is an adverb that describes an action or situation with clarity, precision, or transparency. For example, 'Ho capito chiaramente le sue istruzioni' translates to 'I clearly understood his instructions'.

Example sentences using: chiaramente

Chiaramente non capisco.

English translation of Chiaramente non capisco.

I clearly do not understand.

In this sentence, 'chiaramente' is used as an adverb to modify the verb 'capisco' (I understand), indicating that the speaker does not understand plainly or explicitly.

Lui chiaramente ha sbagliato.

English translation of Lui chiaramente ha sbagliato.

He clearly made a mistake.

Here, 'chiaramente' is placed before the verb 'ha sbagliato' (made a mistake) to reflect that, without any doubt, a mistake was made by him.

Dobbiamo chiaramente esprimere la nostra opinione.

English translation of Dobbiamo chiaramente esprimere la nostra opinione.

We have to clearly express our opinion.

In this example, 'chiaramente' serves as an adverbial modifier to 'esprimere' (express), implying that the opinion needs to be shared unmistakably and without confusion.

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