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English translation of che


The Italian word 'che' is used in the same manner as 'what' in English. It is often used to ask questions about the nature or identity of something, or to express surprise.

Example sentences using: che

Credo che tu abbia ragione.

English translation of Credo che tu abbia ragione.

I believe you are right.

This is an Italian phrase expressing a belief or assumption about the correctness of someone else's viewpoint, using the conjunction 'che' to introduce the subjective clause which translates to 'that' in English.

Che bel giorno!

English translation of Che bel giorno!

What a nice day!

This is an exclamation in Italian, using the word 'che' to express surprise, wonder or admiration about something, serving a similar function to 'what' in English in this context.

Mi piace il cibo che hai cucinato.

English translation of Mi piace il cibo che hai cucinato.

I like the food that you cooked.

In this Italian sentence, 'che' is a relative pronoun introducing a clause modifying the noun 'cibo', providing additional information about it. It could be directly translated as 'that' in English.

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