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English translation of capire


The Italian verb 'capire' is equivalent to the English verb 'understand'. It is used in a variety of situations where one comprehends, grasps, or makes sense of something. As with other Italian verbs, it conjugates differently depending on tense and person.

Example sentences using: capire

Vorrei capire meglio.

English translation of Vorrei capire meglio.

I would like to understand better.

This sentence is used when someone desires or needs to comprehend more about a certain situation or subject. It can be modified to match the context in which it's used, specifying what the speaker wants to understand.

Non riesco a capire questo problema.

English translation of Non riesco a capire questo problema.

I can't understand this problem.

This phrase communicates inability or difficulty in comprehending a given issue. It's often used in settings where problems or conflicts need to be understood and resolved.

È difficile capire la sua decisione.

English translation of È difficile capire la sua decisione.

It's hard to understand his decision.

This phrase is used to express the difficulty in understanding a person's decision. It can be applied in various contexts, demonstrating the speaker's struggle to comprehend a particular choice someone else has made.

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