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English translation of canzone


The Italian word 'canzone' is used to refer to music with vocals, generally. It translates directly to the English word 'song'. It can be used the same way it is in English, for example: 'Questa è la mia canzone preferita' means 'This is my favorite song'.

Example sentences using: canzone

Mi piace questa canzone.

English translation of Mi piace questa canzone.

I like this song.

This sentence is expressing a liking towards a certain song. 'Mi piace' translates to 'I like', 'questa' translates to 'this', and 'canzone' translates to 'song'. Therefore, the full sentence translates to 'I like this song.'

La canzone è orecchiabile.

English translation of La canzone è orecchiabile.

The song is catchy.

This sentence is describing the song's quality. In Italian, 'La canzone' translates to 'The song', and 'è orecchiabile' can be translated as 'is catchy'. Therefore, this sentence in English can be translated to 'The song is catchy.'

Ricordo ancora quella canzone.

English translation of Ricordo ancora quella canzone.

I still remember that song.

This sentence describes a past memory about a song. In Italian, 'Ricordo ancora' translates to 'I still remember', 'quella' means 'that', and 'canzone' stands for 'song'. So, the English translation of this sentence would be 'I still remember that song.'

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