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English translation of cantare


The word 'cantare' is an Italian equivalent of the English verb 'sing'. It is used in similar contexts as in English, for describing the act of producing musical tones with the voice. This can apply to people, birds, or any entity associated with singing. Its conjugation changes depending on tense and subject.

Example sentences using: cantare

Mi piace cantare.

English translation of Mi piace cantare.

I like to sing.

This simple sentence is an expression of enjoyment in singing. 'Mi piace' translates to 'I like,' and 'cantare' is the infinitive form of the verb 'to sing.' It's important to note that in Italian, the infinitive form of the verb is commonly used after phrases expressing likes and dislikes.

Dovresti cantare più spesso.

English translation of Dovresti cantare più spesso.

You should sing more often.

This sentence is a suggestion or advice for someone to sing more frequently. 'Dovresti' is the second person singular form of 'dovere,' which in this case translates as 'should.' 'Più spesso' means 'more often.'

Lucia sta imparando a cantare.

English translation of Lucia sta imparando a cantare.

Lucia is learning to sing.

This sentence tells us that Lucia is in the process of learning how to sing. 'Sta imparando' is the present progressive phrase for 'is learning.' The structure '[someone] is learning to [verb]' is commonly expressed in Italian as '[someone] sta imparando a [verb].'

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