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English translation of brutto


The Italian word for 'ugly' is 'brutto'. It can be used in similar context as it is in English. It describes something or someone that is not pleasing or attractive to the senses. For example, you can use it to describe an object, person, or situation that you find unattractive or displeasing. Remember, this term carries a negative sentiment.

Example sentences using: brutto

Il tempo è brutto oggi.

English translation of Il tempo è brutto oggi.

The weather is bad today.

This sentence is using 'brutto' to describe the weather. In Italian, 'brutto' can be used to describe something as bad or unpleasant, similar to the English word 'bad'. In this context, it describes the weather as being bad or unpleasant.

Questo è un brutto esempio.

English translation of Questo è un brutto esempio.

This is a bad example.

In this sentence, 'brutto' is used to qualify 'esempio' as 'bad'. This sentence can be used in a situation where the speaker is expressing dissatisfaction with a given example.

Ho avuto un brutto sogno.

English translation of Ho avuto un brutto sogno.

I had a bad dream.

In this example, 'brutto' is used to describe the dream as 'bad'. This could be interpreted as having a nightmare or an unpleasant dream.

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