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English translation of bisogno


The Italian word 'bisogno' translates to 'need' in English. It is commonly used in similar contexts as in English, indicating necessity or requirement. For instance, 'ho bisogno di aiuto' means 'I need help'.

Example sentences using: bisogno

Ho bisogno di una penna.

English translation of Ho bisogno di una penna.

I need a pen.

This phrase is an example of expressing a personal need for an object. The verb 'ho' is the first person form of 'avere' meaning 'to have'. 'Bisogno di' translates directly to 'need of'. The sentence structure is quite literal to English: 'I have need of a pen'.

Non c'è bisogno di preoccuparsi.

English translation of Non c'è bisogno di preoccuparsi.

There is no need to worry.

In this phrase, 'Non c'è bisogno di' translates directly to 'There is no need to'. This is an common phrase to provide reassurance or to convey that an action is not necessary. In spoken Italian, 'c'è' (is/are) often replaces 'è' (is).

Sentire il bisogno di viaggiare.

English translation of Sentire il bisogno di viaggiare.

Feel the need to travel.

This phrase is used in the context of expressing desires or urges. 'Sentire il bisogno di' means 'feel the need to'. Here, 'viaggiare' is an infinitive verb meaning 'to travel'. So the direct translation is akin to 'feel the need to travel'.

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