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English translation of birichino


The Italian word 'birichino' is used to describe someone, particularly a child, who is mischievous or naughty. The term can be used in both a loving and playful context or a more disciplinary context, similar to the use of 'naughty' in English.

Example sentences using: birichino

Il bambino è molto birichino oggi.

English translation of Il bambino è molto birichino oggi.

The child is very naughty today.

This example shows how 'birichino' can be used to describe a person, in this case, a mischievous or naughty child.

Non essere birichino.

English translation of Non essere birichino.

Don't be naughty.

Here 'birichino' is used in an imperative sentence advising someone not to be mischievous or naughty.

Hai un sorriso birichino.

English translation of Hai un sorriso birichino.

You have a naughty smile.

In this instance, 'birichino' is used to describe a characteristic attribute, suggesting a cheeky or mischievous smile.

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