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English translation of bici


The word 'bici' in Italian translates to 'bicycle' in English. It is used in Italian language just as it is in English i.e., to denote a vehicle composed of two wheels held in a frame, propelled by pedals.

Example sentences using: bici

La mia bici è veloce.

English translation of La mia bici è veloce.

My bike is fast.

This is a simple declarative sentence, stating a fact or opinion about the subject. The subject 'la mia bici' is followed by the verb 'è' (is) and the adjective 'veloce' (fast).

Hai visto la mia bici?

English translation of Hai visto la mia bici?

Have you seen my bike?

This sentence is asking a question, specifically about whether or not someone has seen the speaker's bike. 'Hai visto' is the perfect tense of the verb 'vedere' (to see), translated as 'have seen'.

Pedalo sulla mia bici tutti i giorni.

English translation of Pedalo sulla mia bici tutti i giorni.

I ride my bike every day.

This sentence communicates a habitual action that the speaker does every day. 'Pedalo' is the first person present tense of the verb 'pedalare' (to pedal), 'tutti i giorni' means 'every day'.

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