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English translation of benvenuto


The Italian word 'benvenuto' is used to greet someone who has just arrived, similar to the English 'welcome'. It can be used in both formal and informal situations, and with people you know well or with strangers. You can say 'benvenuto' when someone comes to your home, to a party or gathers, or when you meet them at the airport. It's also common to see 'benvenuto' on signs in places like bars, restaurants, and shops to welcome customers.

Example sentences using: benvenuto

Benvenuto in Italia!

English translation of Benvenuto in Italia!

Welcome to Italy!

This phrase is typically used when greeting someone who has just arrived in Italy. The word 'benvenuto' translates to 'welcome' and 'in Italia' means 'to Italy'.

Benvenuto alla nostra festa.

English translation of Benvenuto alla nostra festa.

Welcome to our party.

This phrase is often used when welcoming someone to a party or gathering. 'Benvenuto' translates to 'welcome', 'alla' means 'to the' and 'nostra festa' means 'our party'.

Benvenuto a bordo!

English translation of Benvenuto a bordo!

Welcome on board!

This phrase is usually used when welcoming someone onto a boat or a ship, but it can also be figuratively used in a company to welcome a new member. 'Benvenuto' means 'welcome' and 'a bordo' translates to 'on board'.

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