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English translation of bene


The word 'bene' in Italian is an adverb mostly used to denote something done correctly or in a satisfactory manner. Similar to English, it can be used to respond positively to a question about one's wellbeing, such as in 'Come stai?' - 'Sto bene' (How are you? - I'm well).

Example sentences using: bene

Sto bene, grazie

English translation of Sto bene, grazie

I'm fine, thank you

This is a simple response to someone asking 'How are you?' in Italian. 'Sto bene' means 'I'm fine'. 'Grazie' means 'Thank you'. It's commonly used in casual conversations.

Lavoro bene in squadra

English translation of Lavoro bene in squadra

I work well in a team

This phrase could be used in a professional context, when you are talking about your abilities. The subject, 'I', is implied in Italian. 'Lavoro' means 'I work', 'bene' means 'well' and 'in squadra' means 'in a team'.

La pizza è molto bene

English translation of La pizza è molto bene

The pizza is very good

This is a statement of opinion about the quality of the pizza. 'La pizza' means 'The pizza', 'è' means 'is', 'molto' means 'very' and 'bene' is used here to mean 'good'. Although 'bene' typically means 'well', it is sometimes used to mean 'good' in the context of food or taste.

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