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English translation of bello


The Italian word 'bello' is used to describe someone or something that is attractive or pleasing to the senses. It is equivalent to 'pretty' in English. It can be used for both people and objects. For instance, in a sentence, you might say 'Quella ragazza è molto bella', meaning 'That girl is very pretty'.

Example sentences using: bello

Il giorno è bello oggi.

English translation of Il giorno è bello oggi.

The day is beautiful today.

This is a simple sentence declaring that the current day is beautiful or has pleasing qualities. It's a straightforward use of the word 'bello' as a descriptor for the noun 'day.'

Quel vestito è molto bello.

English translation of Quel vestito è molto bello.

That dress is very beautiful.

In this sentence, 'bello' is used to describe a dress. The modifier 'molto' is used to enhance the adjective 'bello', expressing a high degree of beauty.

Ho visto un bello film ieri sera.

English translation of Ho visto un bello film ieri sera.

I saw a beautiful film last night.

The speaker is using 'bello' here to describe a film they saw as beautiful or good. This use is less literal and more subjective, showing that 'bello' can be used to represent aesthetic or critical appreciation.

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